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Giuseppe Piamontini (Florence 1663 - Florence 1744)

Milo of Croton

Height 168 cm, 65¾ in.
signed and dated G.P/F./1740

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The sculptor Giovan Battista Piamontini, son of Giuseppe Piamontini, and a representative of the Marchese Andrea Gerini and his nephew Carlo Francesco signed an agreement in Florence on New Year’s Day 1761. According to this agreement Giovan Battista Piamontini would sell the Gerini family a marble statue by his late father, the better-known Giuseppe Piamontini, and he himself would carve a marble companion piece for it. Giuseppe’s statue was described simply as ‘depicting a Milo’– who Strabo tells us was ‘the most renowned of wrestlers’ in the ancient world. His son’s sculpture was to depict a Faun ‘with a kid on his shoulders’.

Provenance: Marquesses Gerini.

Literature: M. Ingendaay, I migliori pennelli. I marchesi Gerini mecenati
e collezionisti nella Firenze Barocca. Il palazzo e la galleria
1600–1825, Milano 2013, p. 142