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The Master of the Rasini Crucifixion (Altichiero da Zevio?)

(active in Lombardy and the Veneto in the third quarter of the 14th century)

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The Master of the Rasini Crucifixion (Altichiero da Zevio?)

The Rasini Crucifixion, c. 1350

Tempera on Panel, 33 x 52cm (13 x 20.5in)

An exciting and rare gold-ground painting on panel dating from circa 1350, the Rasini Crucifixion, a work that gave its artist his name, represents a key moment in northern Italian painting.  This pivotal point in the 14th century, in artistic terms, is filled with both the vast legacy of Giotto’s work in Padua and influences of the extreme naturalism of those Giottesque painters who were working for the Rulers of Milan, in the Abbeys of Chiaravalle and Viboldone. The present work stands squarely in this singularly important period, showing both Giottesque-Lombard stylistic traits and influences from Verona.

These were so distinctive that the group of works united under the name of “Master of the Rasini Crucifixion”, can be identified as probably coming from the early body of work executed by the young Altichiero da Zevio.


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