Trinity Fine Art


London Art Week Digital, Summer 2020-Art & The Domestic Space.

Friday, 3 July 2020 - Friday, 10 July 2020 10am-6pm

2nd Floor
15 Old Bond Street
London W1S 4AX
United Kingdom

We have collectively been obliged to consider carefully the different spaces and uses of space within the home, and perhaps we can be guided in this by looking to the examples of the past. From the Renaissance onwards perhaps no other space was more intriguing and complex than that of the household interior in which a wide range of objects served key functions in the fashioning of familial, local and collective identities. We wish to take you on a journey through the domestic spaces of the Renaissance and Baroque eras, retracing the steps of these objects, the families that commissioned them and the villas and palazzos in which they are recorded, and in doing so discover the ways in which art merged with the everyday life of these courtly homes.
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Exhibited works

  • Frans Floris (Antwerp 1519/20 - Antwerp 1570)

    Susanna and the Elders
  • Master of San Miniato (Florence, documented from 1465 – d. 1512)

    The Madonna & Child with Sts John the Baptist & Mary Magdalene
  • Lippo D’Andrea (Pseudo Ambrogio di Baldese) (Florence 1377 - before 1457)

    The Justice of Trajan (recto); A putto playing the drum and blowing a flute (verso)

    Bust of Marquess Giovanni di Jacopo Corsi (1600 – 1661)

    Bust of Cardinal Domenico Maria Corsi (1633 – 1697)
  • JOHANN KÖNIG (Nuremberg 1586 - Augsburg 1642)

    The Deluge
  • Pompeo Batoni (Lucca 1708 - Rome 1787)

    The Rest on the Flight into Egypt
  • BARTOLOMEO SCHEDONI (Modena 1578 - Parma 1615)

    The Beheading of St. John the Baptist
  • MARIO BALASSI (Florence 1604 - Florence 1667)

    Portrait of Marquess Giovanni di Jacopo Corsi (1600 – 1661)