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Pietro Longhi

(1701 - Venice - 1785)

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Pietro Longhi

Portrait of Edward Wortley Montagu & His Son Massoud Fortunatus

Oil on canvas, 52 x 67 cm (20.4 x 26.3 In)

The Inscription Translated reads: “Edward Wortlejus Montagu, a noble Englishman, a member of the Royal Society and Institute of Bonn, a worshipper of science. He visited almost the entire globe and all the peoples therein. Focusing on historical, critical, and philosophical observations, he illustrated the monuments of Antiquity. He was very well versed in the languages of the East and in the customs of Confucius, and as a supporter of the poets, himself deserved to obtain the dignity of Beij, or prince. His most admirable traits always shone forth, and he met his end with civility and with a full heart. Still alive, nothing **** (Indecipherable)


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