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Reclining Female Figure or Venus, circa 1700

23 x 47 x 20 cm (9 x 18 ¹/₂ x 7 ⁷/₈ inches)
Base in “Bleu Turquin” marble and gilded bronze, France, early 19th century; h. 9 x 23.5 x 49 cm

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Description: This small sculpture in the round portrays a beautiful woman reclining on the ground
surrounded by rosebuds; her right arm rests on a tree trunk, her drape, which falls from
the tree to protect her nude body from contact with the earth, partially covers the upper
part of her legs. The woman, clad in no more than her own beauty, can be identified as a
Venus for the presence of the roses, one of the goddess’s iconographical attributes. Her
long hair, adorned with a ribbon at the centre of her head, is gathered in an exuberant and
elaborate hairstyle; her left foot wears a sandal whilst its companion rests on the ground.
The figure reclines in a very elegant pose, deep in solitary contemplation, emphasised by
her lowered gaze.