Trinity Fine Art



Landy Family. Michael, 2007

70 x 50 cm (27 ¹/₂ x 19 ³/₄ inches)

Description: In December 2007 Landy completed a series of family portrait drawings in graphite, including his parents, two of his sisters, nephews and nieces, a self-portrait and one of his partner Gillian Wearing, artist and winner of the Turner Prize in 1999. Richard Flood has described the first portrait drawings which he saw of Landy’s father as ‘literally stunning’.

Landy loves the act of drawing, the directness of contact between self and object, to the concentrated exclusion of everything going on around. He had never drawn himself before and found the disciplined self-scrutiny disturbing – this is apparent from the drawing, in which he is shown frowning with concentration at his own face in the mirror, which he also sees reflected in the pupil of one eye, repeating this miniature portrait in Holbein-like bravado.